HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap 500ml Lemon



  • Hi Clean Antibacterial Liquid Soap provides an effective defense against most challenging micro organism.
  • It is ideal for use due to skin friendly formulation containing no irritants.
  • It keeps skin moisturized and smooth.
  • It does not strip away the skin’s natural oils, and is hypo allergenic.
  • Can be use: Health care (hospital, clinics, nursing homes, etc.), Home, Schools, Food handling establishments, office buildings, factories, and other commercial facilities.
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Introducing HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap 500ml Lemon,

your ideal companion in maintaining impeccable hygiene while nurturing your skin. This exceptional lemon liquid soap offers a winning combination of germ protection and skin care, ensuring your hands remain soft and moisturized even after repeated use.

Key Features:

Effective Germ Protection: HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap lemon is your shield against a wide range of cleaning challenges. With its potent antibacterial properties, it effectively eliminates germs, leaving you with peace of mind and a cleaner environment.

Long Lasting: This Antibacterial liquid soap is designed to be resilient and long lasting, ensuring you can trust it to combat germs effectively, even in high traffic settings.

Gentle on Skin: Unlike harsh soaps that strip away your skin’s natural oils, HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap lemon is gentle and nurturing. It guards your skin against dermatitis, maintaining its natural balance and softness.

Child Friendly Formula: Its soft formulation and non irritating properties make it an excellent choice for children. Keep your little ones safe and comfortable while instilling good hygiene habits.

Versatile Use: HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap finds its place in various settings, making it an all encompassing choice. It’s perfect for use in healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes), homes, schools, food handling establishments, office buildings, factories, and other commercial facilities.

Choose HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap with the refreshing lemon scent to elevate your handwashing experience. Embrace the power of cleanliness and protection for you and your loved ones. Order your 500ml bottle today and experience a new level of hygiene and care.


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