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Global Health Care – GHC is a progressive diagnostic company in Pakistan that provides healthcare professionals in hospital, reference, and physician office laboratories and point of care settings with the vital information required to accurately diagnose, treat, and monitor patients. With its latest technology of performance driven solutions and personalized customer care, GHC streamlines workflow, enhances operational efficiency, and supports improved patient outcomes.

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GHC's Customer Centric Approach!

Global Health Care is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service and support. The company’s team of experienced and knowledgeable representatives is available to help customers with everything from choosing the right products and services to training their staff on new equipment. We also offers a variety of educational resources and training programs to help its customers stay updated on the latest diagnostic technologies and best practices.

GHC’s mission is to be a leading supplier of life science research and diagnostic products, recognized for its unparalleled delivery of customer satisfaction and service. By focusing on highly technical products, We strives to be a recognized supplier in the development and marketing of life science products across Pakistan.

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Global health care’s flexible product offerings, one stop services, reliable equipment, and affordable pricing. GHC is known for its dedication to providing healthcare professionals with advanced diagnostic tools and unwavering support through exceptional customer service, extensive training, and valuable educational resources, enabling the delivery of high quality patient care.

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Our goal

We aspire to be a leading supplier of life science research and diagnostic products in Pakistan, prioritizing technical excellence and exceptional customer service. Continuously enhancing our core competencies, we adapt to market challenges, fostering employee career growth and ensuring financial prosperity for all stakeholders.

Our vision

Global Health Care dedicates its collective knowledge and expertise to serving healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Through longstanding efforts and deep-rooted experience, we strive to ensure that people globally benefit from our commitment.

core value

Our core mission is to maximize the value of healthcare investments for everyone we serve. This involves fostering collaboration, providing accurate information, and developing solutions for optimal health. We actively contribute to the improvement of the national healthcare sector, emphasizing staff motivation and instilling pride.


Global Health Care is committed to tailoring services to customer needs, selecting cutting-edge products, and optimizing distribution with innovative technology for enhanced efficiency and customer value.

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All Combined Military Hospitals (CMHs) across Pakistan.

All Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Hospitals across Pakistan.

All Naval Hospitals across Pakistan.

Major Government Hospitals in Punjab and KPK province.

Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad.

Allied Hospitals in Punjab.

RawaIpindi Institute of Cardiology, Rawalpindi.

Cardiac Centre, Wazirabad.

Ayub Medical Complex, Abbotabad.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society.

Leading and Quality Conscious Private Nursing Homes and Clinics across Pakistan.

870 Labs directly or through distributors are our clients.

Some NGOs (National) Integrated Health Service (NGO) Pakistan, HAEDO, REDO, SACHET, HANDS, KIDNEY CENTER, PHPWS

Some NGOs (International) Muslim Aid, Save the Children, Islamic Relief.

Many more …



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