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GHC - Team

GHC Team: Uniting Strengths, Achieving Excellence

At GHC, our team works together, using different strengths to tackle challenges and achieve success. Each person adds something special, making our group strong and adaptable. We believe that by working together, we can turn obstacles into opportunities and create meaningful outcomes.

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Meet Our CEO

Asif Mehmood

founder and CEO

In 2007, Mr. Asif Mehmood founded Global Health Care in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. With a focus on post sale support, precision, and integrity, the company quickly became a leading healthcare business in Pakistan, thanks to Mr. Mehmood’s dynamic leadership and global partnerships.

Medical equipment: Where precision meets care.

SALE Partners

Sajjad Rafi

Country Sale Manager

Chas R. Walker


Christy Mullen


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The Associates

David B. Bass

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jennifer Mankin


Ann Allen

Real Estate

Paul Chan


Robert McCrary

Real Estate

Debbie Hendry

Labor Law

Andrew Smith

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jeanelle Dale


Christina Amerson

Capital Markets, M&A

Anna Klatt

Drug Crimes

Angela Butler

Project Finance Practice

Joseph A. Williams

family law

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