MNCHIP (Pointcare M3) (Automatic Biochemical Analyzer)

The Pointcare M3 is a fully automated POCT chemistry analyzer and works with a rotor system, allowing for ease of use and adaption to any type of laboratory. It works with 100 µ L of total blood, serum or plasma, eliminating the need to centrifuge, and delivers results in 10 minutes or less, depending on the rotor chosen. Based on the patented technology of microfluidic chip, MNCHIP medical series automatic biochemical analyzer has been applied in thousands of medical institutions across the country. After adding anticoagulated whole blood, it takes only about 12 minutes to fully complete the whole process from plasma separation, quantification, transportation, mixing, reaction to printing test results. The analyzer has built-in intelligent quality control system. Small clinics can also perform biochemical tests as quickly and easily as a large hospital, and obtain the same accurate test results as the laboratory of the major hospital.


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